Yerushalayim Chief Rabbi Rav Aryeh Stern Tells Charedi Soldiers: “You Follow the Way of Rav Kook”


rav-aryeh-sternYerushalayim chief rabbi Rav Aryeh Stern this week hosted the Charedi soldiers of the Nachal Charedi Battalion at Rav Kook’s House in Yerushalayi,. Rav Stern held a talk with the soldiers who were having a tour at the site.

Rav Stern told the soldiers that “Rav Kook’s House is the most suitable place for those who combine mitzvah observance with fighting for the security of Israel and protecting its borders. This combination is essentially Rav Kook’s teaching.”

Rav Stern is among the restorers of Rav Kook’s House, where Rav Avrohom Yitzchok Hakohein Kook lived. Rav Stern leads today the organization, which turned the place into a museum presenting Rav Kook’s life and achievements.

Rav Stern himself fought in the Six-Day and Yom Kippur Wars.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Is he implying therefore that the dati with all their mantle wrapping fail to follow in their professed path?

    he’s probably correct

  2. Uh..the dati pushed for the giyur law tragedy

    In the hashgafa of the Religious Zionists founders, israel is all about the community, Galut about the individual. That is why TODAY we are supposed a centralized control, while in the PAST, individual rabbis could make individual decisions about individuals. This is a community problem and needs a centralized authority

  3. Rav Kook was niftar before the “Mdinah” began, or was even authorized by the UN. All Gdolim agree on all-out response to a physical threat against Yidn. I doubt very highly that Rav Kook would have supported the forced inscription of ALL bnay-yshivah, at least not the star bkorim. Consider how he was mattir re Shmittah, because of the real threat of starvation in E”I, and later regretted how the RZ’s made this the general norm. We a.k.’s know exactly what happened. (And neither he nor his son, the qadosh Tzvi-Yitzkhaq ztzwqlv, were ever mattir treading anywhere on Har Ha-Bayis.) Nope, nothing novel about the Riverdale shittah.


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