Yerushalayim Yeshiva Robbed – During Ne’ilah


video-neilah-theft[Video below.] Is nothing sacred?

That’s the question being asked by many after a pair of burglars – wrapped in talleisim, no less – stole a large sum of money in a yeshiva in the Mekor Boruch neighborhood of Yerushalayim on Yom Kippur.

During Ne’ilah, the perps entered a room in the building located on Rechov Rashi and committed the crime.

The room, regularly used as a classroom, was converted into a bedroom for those sleeping at the yeshiva for Yom Kippur.

The thieving pair were caught on surveillance video entering the room, which was unlocked, and, after a few minutes, emerging with, among other things, personal belongings, a wallet with a large sum of money, credit cards and other items.

Those responsible for the building’s security reviewed the videotape and found the thieves committing their crime at the height of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, wrapped in talleisim to avoid suspicion. They tried a number of doors, but found them locked. When they discovered that the door to the aforementioned room was unlocked, they entered and grabbed what they could.

On the video below, one can hear the davening taking place in the background as the thieves seek valuables.

On Motzoei Yom Kippur, police arrived and launched an investigation.

No information about the perpetrators – not their race, religion or city of residence – has been released.

Click below to view the video:

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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I went to a top Israeli yeshiva, and the chutz l’uretz bochurim were told that we should lock up our valuables on yom hakkodesh, because there had been in previous years a number of robberies in the dorms while everyone was davening in the beis medresh!!! Oh by the way the campus had very tight security with only bochurim allowed in.


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