Yeshiva Bochurim Attacked: “Too Bad Hitler Didn’t Finish You”


chareidi-secularThere was a severe case of verbal violence against yeshiva bochurim on Tuesday night in Ohr Yehuda, as two talmidim of Yeshivat Birkas Yitzchok were attacked by two Christians.

The yeshiva students were verbally attacked with the words: “Get out of our country. Too bad Hitler didn’t finish you…”

According to testimony by the students, they were in a park on their way to the nearby grocery store when they were attacked by two men.

The frightened boys chose to leave without comment, before a fight would break out, and rushed to their yeshiva.

In addition, a number of religious girls who were sitting in the park were attacked by the two perps.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. and this is happening in ISRAEL not France or the Ukraine but Israel! Shame on Lapid and other anti-charedi instigators for popularizing anti-Semitism in Israel.

  2. How come they can’t catch these cowards
    And drop them in the middle of Gaza?
    If the perpetrators were thought to be
    Charedim or Settlers there would have
    been an arrest
    I suppose who ever said it doesn’t know that Israeli
    National Anthem that says”Lehiyot
    Am Chofsi BeartEynu”


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