Yeshiva for Boys with No Yeshiva Has Opened


yehoshua-daneseYeshivas Meishev Nefesh, headed by Rabbi Yehoshua Danese, has successfully opened as of April 27th. This yeshiva, initially created to help save the many young men who are finding themselves without a yeshiva, now has metamorphosed into a yeshiva that puts its talmidim on the fast track for success.

“We opened now and we will have summer school and continue on through Elul and into the next school year,” Rabbi Danese says.

Mr. Michel Abitbol, the director of lmudei chol, has the boys on an accelerated program to take the Regents this June. “What takes other schools ten months to do we will do it in two months. We will have summer school and they will take the next set of regents in August.”

“Not only are they finally in yeshiva, they are in a yeshiva which is spurring them on,” asserts Rabbi Danese. “The schools in Israel will be alerted to Meishev Nefesh and we will roll out the proverbial ‘welcome mat’ for their recruiters to woo the boys into attending their yeshiva after high school. Simultaneously, we will be propelling them rapidly into graduating high school early, beginning college while still in high school, and to even work in professional areas before graduating, just so that they should know that there is Torah, there is a parnossa, there is a future and there is a hope!”

For more information concerning enrolling this year, for the summer school or for Ellul zman, contact Rabbi Danese at 347 274 4914 or at

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  1. Wonderful news. It is about time for the yeshivas to stop with the avodah zaroh of Metzuionim! There are many yeshivas who want only metzuoionim, just so they can get a reputable name. This is a shanda for klal Israel. Whats wrong with a bochur just being healthy and average. When did this madness begin?

  2. What a welcome change! Forty or fifty years ago the yeshivas were fighting for every talmid they could get. Then the frum population B”H skyrocketed and now the yeshivas pick and choose, and some boys get left by the wayside just because they aren’t stars, or wear the wrong color shirt.

    Now Rabbi Danese has brought back the idea that every neshama is precious. Yashir koach to him!

  3. I am sure the boys self esteem will be at an all time high, when asked ” are you in the Yeshiva that took you because no one else wanted you”.

  4. Eli – Look at Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway and Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim . They take in everyone but yet people are still proud to counted as their talmidim . With the right Rosh Yeshiva it can be done


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