Yeshiva Gedolah of South Lakewood Appoints Rav Tzvi Fuerst as Second Seder R”M


rabbi-korbman-with-rav-malkiel-kotlerYeshiva Gedolah of South Lakewood (YGOSL), formerly known as Bais Medrash of Central Jersey, led by Rav Yosef Dovid  Korbman, recently purchased a property on the southern border of Lakewood to accommodate its continued growth as it prepares for this coming Elul zeman.

The yeshiva‘s expansion has also resulted in the recent appointment of Rav Tzvi Fuerst as the R”M for second seder in the yeshiva. A talmid chochom of note and a mashpiah of repute, Rav Tzvi will add to the tremendous ruach haTorah that permeates YGOSL. Rav Fuerst was chosen for this position on the recommendation of Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, Rav Yosef Mermelstein and Rav Yaakov Furman, who have all lauded Rav Tzvi’s phenomenal yedios, havana and yegiah, as well as his devotion and dedication, which will ensure the growth in Torah and avodah of each and every bochur.

Rav Tzvi, who is a close talmid of Rav Wachtfogel and a chavrusah of Rav Furman, last summer delivered shiur to a chaburah of Rav Meremlstein’s talmidim in Yeshivas Abirei Lev in Vermont. 20 bochurim accompanied Rav Tzvi, who said shuirim and ran the yeshiva for four weeks. Rav Mermelstein attested that each bochur shteiged immensely. Rav Tzvi’s dedication to each bochur has been described by Rav Meremelstein as being very unique – “a yekar hametziah.

Next zeman, the rosh yeshiva, Rav Korbman, will be delivering the shuir yomi each day for the bochurim, and Rav Fuerst will deliver chaburos during second seder

An outstanding kollel will also be joining the yeshiva at its spacious and beautiful new location. Night seder will again be led by Rav Yisroel Kupperwasser, who has been with the yeshiva for many years and is beloved by the talmidim of the yeshiva.

For dedications or applications, call the yeshiva office at 732.688.0793.

{ Newscenter/This article originally appeared in Yated Ne’eman.}



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