Yesterday I Had to Make THE Call to RCCS…


rccsLet me first back up a bit.

A very close friend contacted me the other day that a recent PET scan he had taken confirmed multiple aggressive lymph node growths in several locations that unfortunately ‘point in the wrong direction’. A biopsy is needed ASAP! They live in Canada, and unfortunately, the social medical system over there, being what it is, does not lend itself to prompt and high-quality care. When they asked their doctor to please put a rush on the biopsy, he replied, “You can’t have everything in life; you know our medical system… it will take a while… it is what it is…”. When asked to elaborate on the various scenarios they faced, he further replied, “I don’t have the time to give you a lecture about the intricacies of cancer, we’ll deal with it later; I have many patients in the waiting room, I don’t have the time”.

It seems there are so few physician specialists over there and they are overburdened with a disproportionate amount of patients. It did not help that his rude temperament and condescending attitude made an already stressful experience that much worse. My friend and his wife called me all nervous, not knowing what to do next.

I too did not know what to do, but I knew who did. I made THE call to RCCS.

I have no words to express enough hakoras hatov to what happened next. Within a few hours, RCCS already had an appointment set up for the next day at the top doctor and hospital in NYC! The RCCS case officer did not stop calling my friend all day with updates and requests for information to ensure that things are going smoothly. Her caring and comforting voice was the only beacon of stability in this dizzying day. She is nothing short of a malach! She gave my friend her personal cell phone and said she is available anytime! Furthermore, as a backup plan, since they were working on obtaining US insurance, they reached out to their RCCS liaison in Canada who had someone wait at 7am this morning at a particular hospital for a certain top doctor to arrive, so he could catch him before his workday began, to see if they can speed things up on the Canadian side.

This story is just the beginning, my friend has quite the journey ahead of him, but because RCCS entered his life, it makes it so much easier, knowing that they have the broadest shoulders to lean on. RCCS’s total care and concern for another Yid is nothing short of awe inspiring!

Please make the preferred type of call to RCCS, the one where YOU do for THEM, by donating to this amazing organization so they can continue in their most holy work, helping all of klal Yisroel, wherever they live! (You can also email or go to their website


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  1. I wish that person well.
    Although no system is perfect, however I lived in Canada for almost 20 years and it is completely NOT TRUE that for emergencies like you described a person will not receive prompt care Unfortunately, I speak of experience.

  2. Well, i also live in Toronto, and while i B”H have not had any emergencies, i have heard many stories from friends who had to go to the states for top of the line or urgent care.

  3. My husband died of cancer 3 years ago. Here in Toronto Canada his care was excellent and prompt. (From time of diagnosis to a plan of treatment was less than 1 week including a colonoscopy. I am seeing a doctor now and his care has also been wonderful. Matter of fact when my husband was sick I had a call from somebody who knew somebody in the States who called me for help. His doctor in the States had never heard of some of the chemotherapy treatments available. One of the chemotherapies my husband cost $1000.00 every two weeks the government paid the whole amount. Hashem is in control of everything but my husband lived twice as long as average after diagnosis. The doctor this person had was the problem do not tell me all doctors in the US are perfect.

  4. I’m assuming this letter is about someone in Quebec. My relatives there tell me all the time how difficult the medical care system is over there. You’re right that Toronto is quite good, but the Quebec system needs a big refuah.


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