Yidden from Harrisburg Help With Storm Cleanup in Staten Island


harrisburg-hurricane-sandy-cleanupPennsylvania – A Harrisburg group is trying to make a difference in the lives of the people hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy.

Forty volunteers hit the road this morning, heading to Staten Island to help in the cleanup efforts. This Jewish based group leaving from the JCC in Harrisburg hoping to ease the pain of so many in need. The devastation and destruction, especially in Staten Island, is well documented but this group is hoping a little manual labor and love can help get the people back on their feet.

The bus of volunteers included several Jewish congregations form the Harrisburg area and left around 5:15 a.m. today. On board, the group brought tools, gloves and numerous donated items. Each one of those items important for the recovery of the people along the coast devastated by Sandy.

The storm, doing an estimated $50 billion in damage, has killed over 100 people in the United States. The group from Harrisburg is hoping to make a difference not just through donations but also with some hard work.

The team is heading for Staten Island, where they will be dispatched to some of the hardest hit areas. The plan, to do whatever needs to be done including, lugging garbage out of homes and helping at some of the relief centers in that area.

This day trip was thrown together by several Rabbis in the Harrisburg area and volunteers span all ages, including a group of 7th graders hoping to make a difference in any way they can.

“It’s a lot easier to throw money at a problem than to actually physically get involved. I thought that would be a great thing if we could just get a bus full of people who care and that’s what it’s all about. People helping other people,” said volunteer Barry Gordon.

Source: FOX 43 WPMT

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  1. Maybe other cities will help other cities. like Baltimore helping Seagate now Harrisburg Helping Staten Island. Maybe other communities can Help Far rockaway Long Beach Bell Harbor and the five towns area.The main thing is try to help all the communities that need help. Not 1 community can help all, but if other communities get help maybe we can help all.


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