Yishai: An Entire Sector Was Boycotted


eli-yishaiThe 2013 elections will be remembered as the ones in which an entire sector of Israeli society was boycotted, one of Shas’s leaders, MK Eli Yishai, said on Motzoei Shabbos.

“The 2013 election will be remembered as a day on which an entire sector, traditional and religious, was boycotted solely for its beliefs and perceptions,” wrote Yishai on his Facebook page.

“Beautiful words cannot sweeten the fracture and deep rift which was created in the current time period but will be remembered for years to come,” he added.

“I’m not complaining about Shas not entering the coalition, which certainly disturbs me, but it’s much more disturbing that this reality was not created by disagreements, it was created for one simple reason: to see the hareidim out, matter what. Anyone who claims otherwise is not telling the truth and is dismissive of the entire public’s intelligence,” said Yishai.

He indicated that Shas “will enter the opposition proudly with our heads held high. Our struggle there will contrast the war waged against us, it will not be a struggle of boycotts but a struggle for the right and the duty to represent those whose voices they tried to silence.”

Yishai pointed the finger at Bayit Yehudi and Yesh Atid for the chareidim being left out of the coalition but promised that Shas would not take political revenge on the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria.

Warning that Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid would betray the Bayit Yehudi and seek to “hurt the settlements and the residents of Judea and Samaria,” Yishai said that his party would not turn its back on them.

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  1. “Yishai pointed the finger at Bayit Yehudi and Yesh Atid for the hareidim being left out of the coalition”

    Wasn’t it Hashem who did it and does it? Where is Hashgacha Pratis?

  2. Yeshai is %100 right. I still can’t understand why Bennett joined up with Piron/Lapid. If not for Bennett, Piron/Lapid would of been a nobody! They would of been on the “outside”. Bayit Yehudi could of been in a coalition with Likud and the Charedi party’s. Its only a matter of time before the wicked Piron/Lapid start infighting with the BayitYehudi MK’s. It will break up the Government. They will go to early elections & Bennett/Piron/Lapid will be thrown out & stripped of all power by the VOTERS!

  3. Hitler ym”sh tried to annihilate Jews. These guys are trying, somewhat similarly, to distance and disregard them too!
    I guess that within short order the government, which does NOT represent the people would collapse and new elections called for. I fear not what damage they will inflict because ultimately it is HaShem who runs His world. Wasted time, energy and money!

  4. Before the elections Bennet wanted to form a united front with Aguda & Shas. They rejected him. Rav Shteinman strongly refused the offer. After the elections Bennet knew that Bibi would leave him out. He therefore needed to team up with another party. He first went to Shas & Aguda, they rejected him again. Then he went to Lapid with no other chioice.

  5. Yishai is the problem. He and his ilk need to stop pointing fingers at others. They are in the predicament that they are in because of the political postures and stances that they have take. Now they must either change and think of the rest of Israeli society or be forced into the oblivion of irrelevance.

  6. To 4,
    How dare you compare Lapid and Bennett to Hitler yimach shmo.
    You illustrate the bigotry,incitement and small mindedness

  7. To Matzav,
    Your refusal to post or insistence on editing my posts is small mindedness; your posting #4 is outrageous and amounts to complicity.

  8. In a democracy, you don’t win every election. The Datim had been in almost every Israeli government since independence until 1992, when Yitzchak Rabin chose to form a government with Shas rather than with Mafdal, as the Mafdal leaders had gone “all-in” on the failed settlement enterprise that Rabin did not support (and in fact ended once he became PM). Now, Shas and UTJ are experiencing what Mafdal experienced 20 years ago.


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