Yungerman in Yerushalayim Taken By Police

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lishkat-hagiyusDear Matzav,

The yungerman from Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim featured in a recording of a meeting he had at the Lishkat Hagiyus that was featured on ( has been abducted by the police. He was taken at 1 a.m. two nights ago and is currently sitting in jail. He has a wife who is 9 months pregnant and expecting next week. He also has a son who is 1 year old.

This is important to publicize, because the woman at the office denies any late night abductions from their home, yet this very thing happened. It is a very difficult matzav right now.


A Reader in Yerushalayim


  1. > “The yungerman…has been abducted by the police.”

    >> Uh…when the police [legally] take a person into custody I don’t think it’s called an “abduction”; I think it’s called “making an arrest.” I listened to the recorded conversation between the yungerman and the woman IDF recruitment officer. This Israeli/American yungerman arrogantly refused to provide his current address, obstructing a legitimate administrative procedure. He then declared his intention to continue to refuse to comply with the lawful proceduress of the IDF recruitment authority. So…he was arrested and wil now be able to present his defenses in court.

    P.S. Contrary to the stereotype that Israeli’s are rude and abrasive, the young woman IDF recruitment officer behaved with politeness, patience and derech eretz, in response to the young man’s arrogance. I am proud of her.

  2. No, he was definitely NOT “abducted” at all. Stop being so absurdly histrionic and hysterical

    The man was (probably) ARRESTED and, if he has, he is possibly being investigated and interrogated (no, they are not using rubber hoses and water torture)to get to the bottom of the cockamamey booba meisah.

    It might have made your “story” more credible, “Reader in Yerushalayim” if you had bothered to tell us who this “woman at the office” might be. You offer no name, you offer absolutely nothing at all that might offer at least some credence to this unlikely tale.

    You go on, in the same sentence, to tell us that she “denies any late night abductions from their home”. Oh? Is this mysterious madam related to the so-called “abductee”?

    Honestly, my three-year old daughter can lie better than that. Your tale lacks all credibility and I am surprised that the Matzav editor even bothered to look at it, let alone publish this garbage.

  3. The police cannot do as they please there are laws and rules you make it sound like the police are gangsters,a country would not be able to survivve with the type of anarchy that you describe here

  4. Imagine the evil of a democratic government’s enforcing its own laws!

    Coming to arrest someone at a time when they are likely to find him at home, no less!

    (Can’t they make an appointment — or at least come at a time when WON’T be there?)

    An anti-haredi conspiracy for sure!

    They would NEVER arrest a non-haredi citizen who refused repeated requests to register for the draft!

    (OK; they would. But it’s still a conspiracy!)

  5. This is the end of the line.

    This is a clear message that we Haredim must leave the treifa medinah IMMEDIATELY! Kehillas such as Lakewood, Kiryas Yoel, Williamsburg, Monsey, and Passaic will welcome us with open arms.

  6. “arrested” probably requires official charges

    “taken into custody” or taking in for questioning are just what they sound like and possibly what this was. It is a little weird for that to happen in the middle of the night.

    Who knows if he has been charged with anything or is being held into Shabbos?

  7. If they want to force us into the army, let’s give them chareidi takeover of the army. Imagine all the kiruv opportunities – there could easily be a million baalei tshuva in a ten year period. Also, if the army would be in the chareidi hands, so would be the last word in the executive functions of the government – i.e. the actual power.


  9. all you posters above obviously don’t live in Israel, for if you did you would know that such actions by the police are completely common unfortunately. It’s not the first time I have heard of the israeli police acting like total barbarians. it is very sad situation that we live with, and it reminds us that even here in Israel we are still in galus until Mashiach comes.

  10. I would not be surprised if this “Reader in Yerushalayim” who is so anonymous is the same person arrested. This whole thing is nothing more than some fellow trying to become a martyr.

  11. reading the posts- I am shocked how people can be so callous
    and to say that it is a conspiracy!?
    I know this yungerman personally- he was my chavrusa in the mir, he was my roommate, and our wives are friends,
    to say that the police were legitimate in their actions is preposterous, while yes he has officially broken the law by not submitting to the draft, but the jews under the nazis also broke laws in those countrys, one cannot judge the legitimacy of the arrest from the perspective of the law, that logic only leads to say that the jews in germany deserved to round up (i am saying chas ve shalom that the goverment is nazi germany, i am saying that its not legitimate to say that he deserves arrest for “breaking the law”, he is learning, and he should be patur” the government has set up laws which make learning torah (even serious learners) a crime to be arrested for.
    this yungerman I can attest (and many others) is a serious talmid chacham who takes his learning extremely seriously- he, at least (to my knowledge) until he moved outside yerushalayim has never missed yeshiva davening in almost a combined 5 1/2 years (not including time he spent in lakewood). the travesty here is that they are taking real serious learners in there desire to show who is boss

  12. #2 Shua Cohen…nice to see you on this are probably right, but cut us some slack…we don’t know all the details here in the good old U.S. of A!

  13. There has been no deal yet on induction into IDF of the chareidim. How can they arrest him? More needs to be investigated on what this is about!

  14. Seems like a purim stunt – or the guy is an idiot recording his refusal to be drafted & posting it online for all to laugh at. Dont think anyone is laughing now.

  15. to all concerned years ago i had an uncle who had the “audacity”to demonstrate(nonviolent )against chilul kevarim. he learned in kollel and was gone all week . the police would come pounding on the door regularly in the middle of the night looking for the night”dangerous criminal ” so please don’t attempt to portray the police as such good people plenty of them r reshaim

  16. Why try to have an ideological argument with a person who has a job to do? If you want to engage in civil disobedience, then you have to expect and be prepared to suffer the consequences of breaking the law.


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