‘Knockout Game’ Victim Says Jews Are Being Targeted Because They ‘Look Gentle’

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fist-punch-knock-outOne of the Jewish victim’s of the increasingly popular “Knockout Game” has spoken out, telling the New York Post he believes Jews are being targeted because they “look gentle” and “look like [they] won’t fight back.”

Photography intern Israel Blizovsky had just finished working a Crown Heights engagement party when he was attacked on the street.

“He was very strong. I was in shock,” the 19-year-old from Beersheva, Israel said of his attacker. “I saw a large group of black teenagers coming. I moved to the side to let them pass. Then, all of a sudden, when I was passing right next to them, I felt a punch in the face.”

“They just kept walking. They were all laughing,” he told The Post through a Hebrew translator. “They said something right after he punched me, but I don’t understand English. It looked like they were making fun of me.”

The “Knockout Game” consists of gangs seeking an unsuspecting victim who one member tries to knock out with one punch. Similar attacks are being reported in St. Louis, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and elsewhere, but in Brooklyn, recent targets have almost exclusively been Jewish.

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  1. this idiocy does not seem to be specifically against jews because it is happening all over this country. I am still waiting (but not holding my breath) for the ‘promised’ word formal Sharpton and his celebratories

  2. While there undoubtedly exists a higher level of anti-semitism in the black community, and with all due respect to Mr Blizovsky, I don’t think that Jews are being targeted, per se. In a mixed neighborhood like Crown Heights, Jews are simply “targets of opportunity.” IOW, if Crown Heights was a neighborhood of Blacks and, say, Methodists instead of blacks and Jews, we would be reading about Methodists being attacked.


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