‘Payless’ Shoes to Open in Israel


payless-shoesFirst it was McDonalds. Then came ToysRUs, Office Depot FOX and a host of others. Now Payless Shoes has discovered Israel. The American chain intends to step into Israel and open 15 stores in Israel in the next 18 months and another 45 by 2015, focusing on urban malls. Be’er Sheva and Yerushalayim will be among the first cities where Israelis can try on Payless discount shoes, generally aimed at the low-to-middle priced market.

Prices are expected to range from 5-50 dollars. The Israeli franchise for Payless was bought by the Sakal group.

The growing presence of American and other foreign companies in Israel indicates confidence in Israel, whose economy has been one of the world’s most stable in the past few years. Israel’s ability to continue a modest growth rate in the wake of the American financial crisis and current sluggish economic growth has spurred companies in the United States to find other markets for growth.

{Arutz Sheva}

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Payless in Israel would be great if they didn’t come along with lack of customer service. We bought a pair of shoes that was complete junk- ran down after only 2 wearings; attempted return to the Ramot Mall store where we bought them within the 14 days with receipt. We were literally thrown out of the store.

    What Israel needs is American style customer service. They have no appreciation for the customer nor interest in nurturing customer loyalty. They prefer to lose my business than to refund me for a shoe that probably didn’t cost them more than 20 NIS yet they charged us 119!


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