$1 Million for Yagdil: Alumni and Friends Unite to Support Popular Yeshiva for American Bnei Torah

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By: Shimmy Blum

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Parshas Devarim (August 6-7), alumni, parents and friends of Yeshiva Yagdil Torah – Yerushalayim will lead a worldwide matching campaign on behalf of the fast growing Yeshiva. 

It is well known that “Yagdil” – which was founded nearly three decades ago – has undergone a historic transformation in recent years. The formerly modestly sized Yeshiva is now a top destination for American bnei Torah. Yagdil has bli ayin hora grown multifold in size to over 280 talmidim today and continues to grow each zman. 

Talmidim in Yagdil learn with great hasmada and absorb an inestimable amount of Torah and hashkafas hacha’im on a personal level from Rav Avrohom Teichman shlit”a, Rosh Yeshiva; Rav Aryeh Bernstein shlit”a, R”M Seder Kodshim; and other illustrious Ramim. The Yeshiva, which is currently located in the Ezras Torah neighborhood of Yerushalayim, has its own Bais Medrash, dining room and dormitory facilities, so that talmidim can learn with the ultimate menuchas hanefesh.

Needless to say, Yagdil’s exponential growth has led its annual budget to increase exponentially as well. Yagdil’s alumni, parents and friends have in turn undertaken to raise $1 million on behalf of the Yeshiva, so that it can continue properly accommodate its current and future talmidim. 

The “L’hagdil” matching campaign has been enthusiastically received thus far; a pre-campaign alumni event in Lakewood last week drew a large crowd. The extended Yagdil family is uniquely motivated to help the Yeshiva and its talmidim shteig today and in the foreseeable future. “I would like to thank in advance every raiser and donor for our upcoming campaign,” says Rav Teichman. “No doubt, the zechus of hachzakas haTorah will bring great berachos to everyone involved.” 

Please visit https://www.rayze.it/yagdil/ or call 732-527-3900 to donate. All donations are tax deductible. 



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