1 Million Shekel for View of the Kosel


koselHow much will an apartment with a view of the Kosel cost? A project featuring particularly small apartments in Yerushalayim with an attractive view of the Old City will be available at prices starting at NIS 970,000 (about $254,600) for 35 square meters (377 square feet).

The High-Land company is marketing the project, called Rechov Bianchini, which is the site where the project will be constructed. The project will feature a new residential complex with two buildings, each six to nine floors, with a total of 60 new luxury apartments.

Total sales stand at NIS 110 million ($29 million). According to the company, the project is adjacent to Yerushalayim ‘s pedestrian mall, a short walk from the city center and a kilometer from the Kosel and Old City.

The project will mainly feature small apartments, measuring 36-69 square meters (387-743 square feet), as well as a number of penthouses, each measuring 139 square meters (1,496 square feet).

High-Land CEO Ofir Dvir said that in light of the reasonable prices for the area and the high demand, he expects project sales to conclude within a week. According to Dvir, the majority of buyers interested in the project are Masorti Israelis, aged 30-40, who want to live adjacent to the Kosel and Old City, as well as a limited number of foreign nationals.

Two-room apartments, measuring 35-59 square meters (377-635 square feet), will sell for NIS 970,000-1.38 million ($255,000-360,000). Three room apartments measuring 59-69 square meters (635-743 square feet) will sell for NIS 1.4-1.58 million ($370,000-410,000), and four-room penthouses, measuring 89-139 square meters (958-1,496 square feet), will sell for NIS 2.9-4.46 million ($760,000-1.17 million).



  1. The headline and the first line of the article is misleading. These apartments are entirely outside the Old City and there is no possible way they would have a view of the Kosel. Maybe you could see the Old City walls or David’s Citadel, but that’s not the Kosel.


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