$100,000 In Your Pocket! TOMORROW



The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation annual raffle, this Wednesday, March 21, gives everyone an opportunity to win $100,000 while gaining the tremendous zechus of helping to build Shmiras Haloshon around the world. For a $100 donation, participants have a chance at the grand cash prize, as well as ten additional prizes.

In addition, those who donate more than $100, receive valuable gifts such as the new Bais Yaakov Cookbook ($180); a Mitzvah Kinder Bucket ($250); and a set of luxury linen from Elegant Linen ($375).

More importantly, participants receive the tremendous merit of supporting CCHF’s trans formative programs that have been successfully imbuing the next generation with a deep appreciation for the power of speech. Funding also helps to develop and expand new programs, such as LunchBrake, which in just two years has brought Shmiras Haloshon awareness to 150,000 students in 23 countries and 125 cities world-wide.

From elementary school to high school, from yeshivas to shuls to Jewish homes around the world, the CCHF’s activities are bringing pure speech, respect and compassion onto center stage. With each dollar, its programming spreads, grows and strengthens, working toward a world of ahavas Yisrael.

For more information or to enter the raffle, visit https://powerofspeech.org/sweepstakes/


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