10th Man Shows Up for Minyan… In the Middle of Nowhere!


oorah-tenth-manAs Matzav.com reported, the camel at Oorah’s boys’ camp recently resulted in a new davener (see here). From that seed, a new minyan has grown in Stamford/Jefferson, NY.

“This new, unlikely minyan exists in a barren area where you’ll scarcely find a Jew, let alone a frum one,” said Hershal Brisk. “This isn’t the Jewish Catskills-it’s more like New York’s Siberia. And Jews who have had no connection to Yiddishkeit have found us, and we’ve made them feel at home. So it turns out our camp is doing more than kiruv for Jewish children-we’re the beacon of Torah in a place that had none.”

The Shachris minyan, which meets every Monday and Thursday at The Zone beit medrash, consists of several year-round Oorah employees, a handful of neighbors, the former Jefferson building inspector (who lost his job for giving Oorah a permit) and the mashgiach from Golden Flow-a man who sacrifices all year to make sure Jews have Cholev Yisroel milk. But the tenth Jew, who has been away from Yiddishkeit for too long, plans to be a regular. Oorah welcomed him home.

“Jews in Tannersville, Hunter, Fleischman’s and surrounding areas are invited to join us,” said Brisk. “We start at 7:00 am sharp.”

For more information, contact Hershal Brisk at 917-577-9009 or Chaim Brissman at 732-730-1000 x 147.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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