11 Frum Residents Indicted for Shabbos Protests. More Indictments Expected

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The Yerushalayim District Prosecution has filed rioting charges against 11 fruprotestm residents – five minors and six adults – who took part in the protests which erupted in the city earlier in the week. The frum community protested the City’s decision to keep parking lots open on Shabbos. Police forces arrested 57 people during the protest. The 11 indicted have been charged with disorderly conduct, illegal gathering, disturbing public peace and aggravated assault of a police officer. The police claimed to the court that the riot was “dangerous and violent,” saying that the protestors hurled bottles and stones at police forces, “With the intent of inflicting bodily harm.”

The defendants, added the indictment, “attempted to obstruct the police… They took part in an illegal gathering with the intent of disturbing the peace and intimidating the public.”

The police also asked the court to remand some of the defendants to custody pending the completion of the legal proceedings.

Attorney David Halevy, representing two of the accused, told Ynet that his clients “deny all of the allegations against them.”

Sources in the Yerushalayim Police said more indictments are expected to follow.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Ynet}


  1. You protest or are found at a protest site, you MAY get arrested. You got the choice to be there or at home with the mishpacha.

  2. Lock them up and throw the key away. This sort of behaviour causes gross Chillul Hashem and does nothing for Shabbos observance.

  3. Baruch hashenm . I hope more are arrested so this protesting and chillul hashem finally comes to an e nd.
    If you are found at a demonstration regardless of your participation , you will get arrested .

  4. Stay home, learn Torah, chat with your friends, emulate your leaders, who also are at home! Safe and sound in their homes is where everyone should be.
    Let’s pray more get arrested and learn to avoid this pure mishegas. If you can’t protest peacefully, DON’T PROTEST.

  5. What is wrong with you guys? “lock them up and throw the key away” heart?, “regardless of participation you will get arrested” brain?,”if you can’t protest peacefully don’t protest” knowledge of facts?

    I know someone who was walking by a hafgana-not protesting but walking, not attending but walking by, on his way to yeshiva and he got arrested! do you know why? because he was naïve and stupid enough to think that if you didn’t do anything you won’t get arrested as “brooklyn” said regardless of participation you will get arrested. Is there any sense to that, to get arrested for walking down the street? Later, one police asked the other what should we accuse him of doing. he responded throwing rocks! not only didn’t he throw rocks, but there was not a rock to be found in the entire area!!
    Before jumping to conclusions one must realize that although there may be people acting inappropiately, that does not justify in any way whatsoever the beastly behavior of israeli police. And if anyone ever witnessed yassam in action they would realize who we have to yell about. I’m shocked how people are siding with these chayos raos. They indiscriminately beat up innocent people, as has been proven in court time and again. Nothing justifies beating up people. and nothing permits the kind of intrusions without warrants or riding motercyles into old ladies on the sidewalk or terrorizing women simply waiting for their bus.
    Let’s condemn the yassam terrorists and realize who’s the bad ones here. And although you may insist that some protesters are bad, the yassam police are much much worse.


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