113-Year-Old Jewish Woman Now Oldest Person In The US

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After the death of 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt-Jones on Friday, the New York Daily News reported that Goldie Michelson of Worcester, Massachusetts, became the oldest living American, United With Israel reports.

The oldest American is now a 113-year-old Jewish woman named Goldie Michelson, Israel Radio reported Sunday.

Since the death of another Goldie, 114-year-old Goldie Steinberg last year, Michelson has likely been the oldest Jew in the world too.

Michelson (nee Corash) was born in Russia in 1902 and immigrated with her family to Worcester at the age of 2. Her father, Max, was a medical student in Russia who opened up a dry goods store in Worcester.

When asked three years ago how she made it to such an old age, her answer was simple – “walking.”

“Walking,” she says while sitting in a comfortable chair in her Worcester home. “I was a great walker—four or five miles every morning, weather permitting. I never used a car if I could walk. One of the great joys of life was when I sold my car,” she told the Clark University paper.

She does not smoke or drink, but loves lots of chocolate.

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  1. Bli Ayin Hara, Mazal Tov and may she have many more years in front of her, more than we all imagine and well beyond 120!


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