115 Additional Sukkos Still Needed


Sukkah Exchange Coordinator is issuing an urgent request to all those in the tri-state area who may still have a sukkah that they do not need and are able to give away to a family who is waiting for one “please give us a call right away on our hotline so that we can be misameach another mishpacha with the ability to sit in their own sukkah for sukkos this year.  We still have 24 hours until Yomtov and 115 families are on our waiting list for a sukkah.  It is definitely not too late to put your extra sukkah to good use.”


Sukkah Exchange is a project of Chesed of Lakewood and has been pairing up families who are able to give away sukkahs with those who are in need of one.  The hotline number is 7329010482 ext 4 or an email can be sent to sukkah@chesedoflakewood.org


May we all have the ability to be there for each other and help one another come to Yomtov with simcha and menuchas hanefesh.



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