$1,200 Shtreimel Stolen off Chossid’s Head in Williamsburg

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chassidimThere was lots of brutality in Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct last week – including a chassidishe man being mugged for his shtreimel. A thief stole the $1,200 shtreimel off the man’s head as the victim was walking from shul at around 9:30 p.m. He was near Wallabout Street and Throop Avenue when two young men approached him from behind. One of them lifted the man’s shtreimel, and they both then ran off.

Police are not sure how the thieves plan on reselling the shtreimel, as buyers usually purchase such expensive items from known retailers and will likely be suspicious.

{NY Post/The Brooklyn Paper/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Sorry to tell you but there are people who buy and sell stolen sifrei torah, no questions asked. Wouldn’t the same person sell a shreimel, no questions asked.

  2. they can sell it on craiglist.com where they dont charge you like ebay then the owner can look it up on the site to see if anyone is trying to sell a Streimel

  3. Looks like it is a “Tkuna Shrteimel” Otherwise it wouldn’t cost him $1200. The average cost for a shrtiemel is between $3000 and $5000. He is lucky it only costed him “that little”

  4. a 1200 dollar shtreimel lasts for many years – a lot longer than 10 Borsalinos at $120 each. So in the long run, the chassid pays less for his headwear…

  5. It might come out cheaper in the long run, but only if he has insurance that covers hat-jacking. And don’t forget to add in the cost of the insurance.


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