13 Chareidi Settlements Unite

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Representatives of thirteen chareidi settlements in Israel met and decided to unite as The Council of Chareidi Settlements in Regional Councils in order to tackle their common issues as one group.

All thirteen settlements find it hard to push their chareidi agendas in the secular or religious Zionist dominated regional councils to which they are presently attached.

The settlements that joined the union are widespread,including Ohr Haganuz near Meron, Matisyahu next to Modi’in Illit, Tel Tzion next to Yerushalayim and Tifrach in the Negev.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. zeh keneged zeh; 13 isis operatives were killed by us led forces in Yemen yesterday. Coincidence? If or rather when we unite then Hashem Yisborach takes care of everything for us!


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