13th Avenue Today: Oorah’s Going Donuts!

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He Sings! He Dances! He’s Going Donuts!

Fiveish is tall, green, and just today, he’s giving out FREE donuts (while supplies last) in front of Eichlers on 13th Ave in Boro Park, from 11am-3pm!

He’ll be joined by Country Yossi for some pre-Chanukah fun and delicious treats. Don’t miss it!

If you can’t make it to Boro Park today, you can still see “Fiveish Live” on our website. That’s right – the full version is now on Oorah.org! It’s our official launch of the always entertaining Oorah Auction – home of the five dollar prize!

“Everyone loves Fiveish,” says Mrs. Esti Barker, Creative Director for Oorah’s Auction, “the iconic character makes the auction more fun for everyone-our donors, our staff and our volunteers.” Mrs. Barker assures that this year’s animation is bigger and better than ever. “We’re very excited about it-there are five new characters representing a cross section of our population and we always take into account the feedback we get all year long. Fiveish has evolved over the years, and now he has a personality all his own. We’ll plan a story that’s funny, and then say, ‘Well, Fiveish would never say that!'”

Even when the auction and Oorah-thon are over, Fiveish is in perpetual development. The process is both fun and challenging, says Mrs. Barker. “We have a team of tremendously talented and creative people who contribute to the whole project. We even get calls from summer camps who plan a “Fiveish Day” as an activity, and fill requests for costumes and artwork to help them create just the right mood.”

The Fiveish animation not only brings a smile to children and adults, it also brings attention to the Oorah auction, one of the kiruv organization’s key promotional events. This year, five prizes are spotlighted via the five very different characters… with comical consequences! But the prizes are fairly serious, and Early Birds are rewarded with even more chances to win big.

In addition, Oorah’s Early Bird specials are being offered together with their annual 8 Nights, 8 Flights campaign. By purchasing as little as $36 in auction tickets before the 8 Nights campaign kicks off, donors are automatically entered to win not one but five free chances to fly to Israel. The drawings occur each day of Chanukah, so that’s five chances each day. Do the math. Donate before Chanukah and receive 40 chances in all.

Each year, the Oorah Auction offers lavish prize opportunities-from jewelry and furnishings to vacations and cash prizes-for only $5 per ticket. Thousands of Jewish families benefit from the kiruv programs funded by this important annual event, which culminates with the broadcasted Oorahthon, scheduled for May 2011.

Call 877-7-AUCTION or visit Oorah online at Oorah.org/auction before the first night of Chanukah, December 1. But hurry – as Fiveish might say, “You gotta be in it to win it!”

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  1. jelly donuts anyone? this is sooooooooo cool! wish i was bp today to get some and to actually meet fiveish personally (is he giving out autographs?)- I absolutly adored their auction book i got!

    thanks oorah!

  2. Oorah is mammash a gevaldeiga organization, under the guidance of HoRav Chaim Mintz shli’ta, Mashgiach of the Staten Island yeshiva. They are the innovaters of the online auction. They do unbelievable work in Kiruv Rechokim and everyone should support their Holy work.

  3. This is such a cute idea! we heard and live Fiveish also here in Eretz Hakodesh!
    Oorah is such a special organization and 5$ isnt that much at the end of the day especially if you can win such great prizes.

  4. i checked it out on oorah’s website… the fiveishe rebbe one was definitley the best! I want to hear his full story- sounded so suspenseful.


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