$140 Million Israeli Tax Dollars Wasted On African Infiltrators

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According to a Knesset report, Israel spent over $140 million in 2016 providing services to illegal African infiltrators. This is less than the real figure because the report’s data was incomplete.

$21.5 million went towards health services, including $10 million for hospitalizations of the ill, injured and new mothers. Tel Aviv, whose Mayor Ron Chuldai supports infiltrators’ rights, spent $61.5 million on social services, education, recreation, infrastructure, culture and sport. The Internal Security Ministry spent $94 million trying to control the infiltrators’ unending crime.

Meanwhile, Israel cannot afford to increase the minimum wage, its women’s shelters are in danger of closing down, and its elderly people and Holocaust survivors need to choose whether to buy food or medicine.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


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