14,000 New Apartments For Beit Shemesh


Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbol and government ministers recently agreed to construct 14,000 new apartments in the hilly town near Yerushalayim which is currently shared by chareidim and non-chareidim. 7,000 apartments are to be built for chareidim in a new Ramah Dalet neighborhood and 5,000 for the general population in a new Ramah Hei neighborhood. Another 2,000 apartments will be built with smaller projects.

In Ramah Dalet, buildings will be built no higher than six floors and will include sukkah balconies. Cars will be forbidden to travel in its streets on Shabbos. Ramah Hei will have ten floor buildings and a country club, and will not be subject to travel restrictions.

Elsewhere, Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin removed his objections to a project to build 1,600 new apartments in the chareidi town of Rechasim near Haifa. He had previously sided with green organizations which argued that the construction would disrupt local animal life.

“Rechasim has great potential to become a major town and can help solve the chareidi public’s housing crisis,” said Housing Ministry Director Eshel Armoni.

 {Matzav.com Israel News}


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