Hamas Terror Group Marks 28th Anniversary, Boasts Bloody History

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hamasMass rallies, speeches, and military parades are among the events planned this week by Hamas government in Gaza to mark the Islamist terror group’s 28th anniversary.

Boasting a bloody history, Hamas recently uploaded a six-minute video montage to its website, featuring the “highlights” of terrorist attacks carried out by its “military wing,” the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, and touting the group’s readiness for a fresh round of hostilities with Israel.

The terrorist group bragged that the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades’s rocket unit has fired 16,377 shells at Israel. Hamas said its rocket production capabilities have vastly improved over the years, that the majority of its projectiles are now domestically produced, and that Haifa was the northernmost Israeli city it was able to target during 2014’s summer war against Israel.

Touting other gruesome details, Hamas said that since its inception in 1987, its operatives have carried out 86 suicide attacks, 36 stabbing attacks, more than 500 border infiltrations and raids, 250 shooting attacks, the neutralization of more than 80 armored vehicles, and the abduction of 26 Israelis (dead or alive).


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  1. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine.? Of course warn them before that you have better aim than they do.. That way they will be sure they get to their just rewards in PARADISE Those who dont show up will just have to wait tilll next year

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