More Than 500 Chareidim Enlist in IDF in Last Two Weeks

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idf-chareidi-1Over the past two weeks, about 550 chareidi men have enlisted in the IDF for assignment in combat infantry units and various technical branches, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Of the new recruits, 60 will go to the Tomer chareidi company, a combat unit in the Givati Brigade, and 140 will go to the Netzach Yehudah battalion, another vcombat unit. Other chareidi enlistees are set to join technical units in the air force, navy, intelligence, technology and logistics, and teleprocessing corps.

The Post reports that for each intake to the Tomer company, there has been approximately 100 applicants. Those who are not able to join in one intake are asked to wait till the following draft for Tomer and given priority for it.

There are currently about 100 chareidi soldiers from Tomer on operational duty in the Shomron region and another 150 in training, including the 60 who enlisted last week.

A source told the Post that Tomer is designed specifically for mainstream chareidi youth who had yeshiva and decided after several years of study to enlist in the IDF. All 60 new recruits are yeshiva graduates.

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  1. It’s interesting how you want the army to protect you yet you don’t want to support it. These battalions are set up especially for the religious boys so they can continue to be religious & yet protect the Jews at the same time.


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