15 People Injured After Falling At The Levaya For Rav Nissim Karelitz Zt”l


United Hatzalah volunteers whop are providing medical security at the levaya of Rav Nissim Karelitz in Bnei Brak today, treated 15 people, most of whom were injured while falling from high places that they climbed to in order to watch the procession.  Miraculously, most of the injuries sustained were only light injuries.

Vice President of United Hatzalah in Charge of Operations Dov Maisel reported form the scene and said: “I call on all participants to refrain from climbing on fences, Sukkot, lamp posts and bus stops, as well as other items that are not safe or suitable to be climbed on. Our ambulances and first responders are spread out throughout the funeral procession to safeguard the health of the participants and we are providing care to  many people who have fallen from high places after climbing on unsafe objects.”


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