Video: 17 Yemeni Jews Brought to Israel

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yemen[Video below.] The Jewish Agency airlifted 17 Yemeni Jews to Israel on Wednesday. Four adults and one child were flown directly from Yemen to Israel, where they were reunited with 12 other family members who had been residing in Argentina for the past two years.

The operation was prompted by concerns for the safety of the small Jewish population of Yemen in the wake of growing threats from radical Islamist groups including al-Qaeda. These threats have intensified since the ouster of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Since 2009, 151 Yemeni Jews have arrived in Israel, while fewer than 90 Jews remain in Yemen today.

Click here for video.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. because that is what the zionists did to our holy teimani brothers – and then they make up lies about our heimishe yidden who truly want to help them live as Jews rather than israelis

  2. So might one be as so humble to ask,
    “Do you think that those same people are
    around today”?
    “Do you honestly think what # 1 wrote
    could happen today” ?

  3. they do it in a more subtle way – they realized they can get more with honey than with vinegar – just like the missionaries – their goal is the same


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