1,700 Primary School Students in Ramot Start the School Year Out on the Street


nir-barkatOne thousand seven hundred girls in Jerusalem’s Ramot Alef neighborhood started the school year out on the street outside the building Mayor Nir Barkat threw them out of, the Ramot Residents Action Center reported, accusing the Mayor and his aides of carrying out a hurtful decision, in spite of a court ruling, when he forced students enrolled in the neighborhood’s Bais Yaakov school to leave without providing any reasonable alternative location.

The move, said the group, was in flagrant violation of the law as well as the basic rights of neighborhood children.

Neighborhood rabbonim, Knesset members, city councilmen and parents took part in the protest Wednesday morning.

{Deiah veDibur/Matzav.com Israel}


  1. There is more to ts this story than meets the eye. There are caravans available for all the students the fight is over a school that was given to another educational mosdad.. That’s what happens sometimes.

  2. #2, the other ‘educational mosad’ you happen to mention are non frum students being brought in from talpiot! Barkat is specialy giving the school to them so that tthe frum kids in that VERY neighberhood wont have a building.
    happy new year


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