2 Million Chickens Will Be Killed In Delaware And Maryland Because Of Lack Of Employees At Processing Plants

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Two million chickens on several farms in Delaware and Maryland will be “depopulated” — meaning humanely killed — due to a lack of employees at chicken processing plants, according to a statement from Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc.

The reduced employee attendance at the company’s plants is a result of “additional community cases of COVID-19, additional testing, and people practicing the ‘stay home if you’re sick’ social distancing guidance from public health officials,” the statement reads.

The chickens will be depopulated “using approved, humane methods” that are accepted by the American Veterinary Medical Association and all state and local guidelines, the company said.

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  1. No, they would be killed regardless, thank you CNN. The proper reporting of “highly-newsworthy item” would be two million chickens will be thrown out due to lack of staff.

  2. Where’s PETA now? What is the situation in slaughter houses? Can these chicken not be sold?

  3. Methinks both the industry and the authorities are very well aware they are a reservoir and mutate countless strains, and waited for a while in order to get data and since the chicken farms are in sparsely populated areas. Since the very beginning of the outbreak China has “dealt with” animals and pets, except for very high profile areas in big cities and HK where (rich people’s) dogs had to stay indoors and were regularly washed with clorexidine and even UV zapped.
    This is impossible in the West, thus you may draw your own conclusions about the consequences on the future of this epidemic.

  4. The only thing this government-imposed “quarantine” of healthy people(first in the annals of human history) accomplishes are artificial shortages and general destruction of people’s lives. Meanwhile, these measures don’t really stop the spread of the virus, just kill the economy while most people don’t have the will or the resources to comply and therefore continue the spread, or put it on ice in case of mass compliance, so that it will pickup where it left and the pandemic will continue its course, once the inevitable opening will be forced due to the reality of technical impossibility of keeping people under house arrest for a year until vaccine becomes available (vaccine itself may become useless overnight, once new strains mutate).
    If they were really serious about beating covid-19 with minimal lose of life, they would isolate all the vulnerable, while letting the epidemic burnout its course through the young and healthy. After a few months of such a treatment, most young and healthy people would acquire the immunity with almost no casualties, the economy would not be stopped but would keep on producing goods and services that we need, and the vulnerable would be relatively safe to come out once the herd immunity is reached.
    This entire shutdown has nothing to do with stopping the disease – it is a purely a political exercise, and it is a crime against humanity. All those who promote/enforce this “lockdown” are either criminals or fools. Perhaps some are a combination of both.


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