200 Breslov Chasidim Allowed Into Ukraine After Netanyahu Intervenes

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About 200 Breslov chasidim from Israel who were detained at Ukrainian airports were allowed to enter the country and travel to Uman following the intervention of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Ukraine’s decision to admit the chasidim was made after Prime Minister Netanyahu promised to formulate an outline that would allow the chasidim to travel to Uman ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

The Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Asher Hayoun, called Rabbi Shalom Arush, one of the leaders of the Breslov movement, and spoke about the developments regarding the trip to Uman, promising that the outline would be discussed in the Coronavirus Cabinet this coming Sunday.

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  1. Oh please
    My information from the people in that group is that many others actually helped out or tried however, Bibi, actually is the one that incited and created the problems. Almost purely rishus.
    Since this mokom kodosh and the entire pilgrimage is a Jewish thing and not owned by or beneficial to the Zionist agenda, he’ll bury the whole thing with a Jews in it.


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