2014 Parnassah Expo Preparations Kick into High Gear

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parnassah-expoIt is not every day that the office of a relatively new non-profit Jewish community organization fields communication from leading multinational corporations, government entities and prestigious businesspeople.

However, that is precisely what is now an everyday occurrence at Parnassah Network, as the organization’s 2014 Parnassah Expo.

Ms. Donna Graf, market manager for Blackberry, explains why she paid a surprise visit to Parnassah Network’s headquarters last week to discover how Blackberry and other communications giants can arrange for a leading role at the Parnassah Expo. “Blackberry is very interested in reaching out to the business community and consumers,” Ms. Graf says. “We feel that the expo offers us access to a very influential community of business minded individuals who need valuable business tools.”

The expo will be held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center near the Outerbridge Crossing, easily accessible to all major metro area communities, and significantly eclipses every aspect of last year’s highly successful expo at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, whose floor space was sold out weeks before the event. It will be held over two days – March 25th and 26th – and in 150,000 square feet of exhibition space (two-and-half-times last year’s total), making it the largest general B2B expo in the United States.

Hundreds of exhibitors and many thousands of attendees – from throughout the region and well beyond – are expected to fill the floor, making for an unprecedented one stop venue of promising contacts and resources for every businessperson and professional: new clients, vendors, investors, partners, employees, tools, perspectives, etc.

Investors Bank and other leading businesses – from both the general business community and the Jewish community – have already reserved prime exhibition space and sponsorships. Various uniquely affordable exhibition options are available as well, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for small and midsize businesses – and a significant boost to the expo’s overall attendance and opportunity.

A sophisticated registration system will enable attendees to complete the process online and avoid wait time at the door. Five star hotel and shuttle service near the expo hall will accommodate the scores of attendees expected from out of the region – and the country.

The following are the main expo highlights:

1) A grand Business-to-Business expo with large, meticulously organized sections for each major industry: Real estate and construction; finance and legal; technology; manufacturing and distribution; healthcare; insurance; and general business services. Each section will feature just about any individual and entity that could be of use in that field.

2) A 15,000 square foot business conference featuring top businesspersons and motivational speakers who will deliver seminars with invaluable business advice and life perspective on a host of topics. Some of the speakers at the 2013 expo included New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, Investors Bank CEO Kevin Cummings, former Goldman Sachs partner Neil Auerbach, Charlie Harary, Maurice Stein, Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg and many more. The upcoming expo will feature a broader array of coveted speakers than ever before.

3) Meet and greet the biggest experts and others in your position – in each field. Each industry section will have panels of top experts who will hold structured discussions and field questions from the audience. Each section will also feature a comfortable networking pavilion where attendees can meet and speak to others, in both structured speed networking and informal networking settings.

4) A large dealmaking section that will serve as a marketplace for entrepreneurs and investors to meet and exchange ideas and information. Matching investment capital with the ideal venture will help many new business get off the ground, or be taken to the next level.

5) A 25,000 square foot hall will be dedicated to career development, education and business growth. It will include a broad range of entities and experts to help attendees chart the path for a successful business or professional career. This section will also include a job fair, where a variety of businesses will be looking to fill positions in a cross section of sectors and compensation levels.

6) A “Women in the Workforce” section, which will offer women in the business and professional world the valuable connections, resources and perspectives that will help them navigate the unique path of being successful both at home and in the workplace.

7) An outsourcing section to help those who manufacture or export products or services overseas. They will learn the ropes, expand their horizons and find the best available resources. A particular focus will be related to dealings with Israel and Asia.

8) A unique food court section for manufacturers and retail establishments of kosher dairy, meat and pareve delicacies. Products can be showcased and/or sold to all attendees, offering companies an opportunity to reach a vast audience of corporate, institutional and retail customers alike.

9) Other expo features include a Presidential club for business executives, afterhours networking between exhibitors and much more.

“I feel the energy in the air and see success on the horizon, b’ezras Hashem,” says Parnassah Network founder and director Reb Duvi Honig. “People coming together – united – to help each other is a win-win for everyone who is a part of it.”

For more information or to inquire about booth reservation or sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.parnassahexpo.com, email exhibit@parnassahexpo.com or call 732-987-7704.

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  1. But your parnassah network still doesn’t offer more than 5 jobs per month. OU will be having a much more productive Job Fair. I think Feb 6 and companies can get a booth for free.

  2. Related matter: Torah-oriented job training.

    McGraw-Hill recently published “The Mishkan and AutoCAD” — a special edition of its CAD (computer-aided design) textbook. For more information please contact me: rokachaj@gmail.com


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