2019 Could Be Worst Year For Measles In U.S. For 30 Years

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Almost 20 years after measles was eliminated in the U.S., 2019 could see the highest rates of the dangerous disease in three decades, an expert has warned.

A combination of the efforts of the small but extremely vocal anti-vaccine movement and barriers to obtaining shots in some communities has sparked outbreaks of the potentially deadly—but entirely preventable—disease across the country.

In the decade before the deployment of the first measles vaccine in 1963, an estimated 3 million to 4 million people in the U.S. became infected with the disease. It killed between 400 to 500 people each year. An outbreak in school-age children in 1989 prompted immunologists and pediatricians to push for a countrywide immunization program. The campaign was a success: By 2000, the disease had been eliminated, defined as reduced to zero incidences for more than 12 months, falling short of eradication in which this effect is seen worldwide.

But efforts to prevent measles have unraveled, and 2019 could be the “worst year for measles” since 1989, William Moss, a specialist in epidemiology and immunology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Newsweek. “[This forecast] points to the fact that we are losing ground to this disease that once killed millions of children each year,” said Moss.

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  1. Again, the facts are skewed. ACcording to this article it killed 400 to 500 each year, and it also killed millions each year. I would like to see where the article got their facts from, obviously, not from reputable sources.

    • Perhaps you need to read it again since you don’t seem to have understood what is actually written in the text. Millions were infected while hundreds died is clearly what is stated.
      Unfortunately there is no one to speak to when it comes to anti vaxxers. You have already made up your mind and refuse to hear any logic whatsoever.

      • perhaps YOU need to read it again. Millions were infected while hundreds died. A few sentences down it says it killed millions each year.

        Unfortunately, there is no one to speak to when it comes to brainwashed vaxxers. They can’t even read a straight sentence.

      • perhaps you should read it again. It states that millions were infected while hundreds died, but then at the end of the article it says millions died. skewed, fake facts.

  2. That’s great news because it means less children becoming autistic or brain damage and other neurological disorders, and less children being injured from vaccines, and of course less deaths, as doctors and nurses have proven that there were hardly ever any deaths in the normal childhood diseases of measles and chickenpox.
    Eventually, even the sheeple, the slow thinkers, will join the anti-vaxxers.

    • You’re just as responsible. If you know of a anti vaxxer (who has the din of a rodef) and you don’t kill him, YOU will have to give a din after 120. Walk the walk, you baby.

    • Anti-vaxxers indeed deserve a thank you for making people aware of the danger of vaccination that have killed thousands since the deployment of the first measles vaccine in 1963. Before that, death from measles was almost never heard of.

  3. Headline should read: 2019 Could Be Worst Year For Measles In U.S. In 30 Years. “In” 30 years, not “For” 30 years.

  4. What a garbage article. More people are killed from the mmr vaccine than the measles. Over 4 billion dollars have been paid out by the US government for vaccine injury. Go check out vaers. This is classic fear mongering for the sheeple to get vaccinated and attain “herd immunity” at the expense of others health. I’ve already had measles, and would gladly get them again over foreign crap injectuons, except I am 100% immune now.

  5. Another forum for all the crazies to spread they’re illogical ideas.Whats next for you idiots conspiracy theories. 911 was a CIA plot together with the Israelis. All of them are crazy.

    • This evening, when President Trump will hopefully include in his address the nameS of those who were executed for their involvement in 9/11, JFK and other conspiracies, and hopefully will also include that he’s opposed to the forced dangerous vaccinations, you should yell at him that he’s a conspiracy theorist, a tinfoil hatter, and has no right to execute anyone for that.

    • Well we now know, thanx to President Trump, that Rafael Cruz is the one who shot JFK. The Bush crime family along with James Comey arranged the placement of explosives in the Twin Towers prior to Sep.11th. No one ever landed on the moon. OJ is still looking for the real murderer of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Hillary murdered Vince Foster because he was about to reveal who really blew up the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma. The Las Vegas massacre was planned by CBS to get those “right wingers”. Antonin Scalia was murdered by Obama’s henchmen.

  6. Everyone out there who follows their doctors blindly, or is interested in reading up about the topic of vaccines, You might find some interesting facts and links below:
    1- there are NON -Jewish Private Schools out there that
    have 100% religious exempt. That means that no student in their school is vaccinated. You can check this out by googling “vaccination rates in school’s database.”

    2. There are public schools in the zip codes that the students were expelled from due to the outbreak, that have greater percentage of non vaxxed Children. They weren’t expelled. Don’t you see some sort of target here? That brings us to –

    3. The one behind this fiasco is Tom Frieden- who has a prestigious job in the CDC. Guess what!? He too was behind the Metzitz B’peh situation. He tried banning all Bris Milah! Is that a clear target?

    4. Since when does the DOH care so much about our health? Aren’t they allowing foods or the likes that are completely unhealthy to be sold on the shelves of stores? Why don’t they ban those kind of things that clearly lead to all kind of issues? Whether, Physically or mentally (ADHD…). So why are they desperate here for you to vaccinate-

    5. There are major filthy rich investors involved and supporting studies done on vaccines. Did you know, that any doctor that has patients completely in compliance, gets $400 per patient? Wake up! Don’t you smell the business deal- they’re gaining on you? Don’t you see why it is so important for them that you vaccinate and are completely up to date?

    6. Attached find a link to which you’ll see the government documents stating 1,570 vaccine injuries which occurred in NJ alone in the year of 2008. https://njvaccinechoice.com/vaers-data/ – After reading this do you still feel vaccine injuries are a one in a million chance. Do you need more proof than that?!
    7. Attached here you can read testimonials of real people in the Jewish community alone that agreed to vaccinate. They followed their doctors blindly- just like most of us- and learned the hard way. https://www.shmakolainu.com/testimonials/ .

    8. You can watch moving videos on the website http://www.vaxxed.com
    As long as you weren’t affected Baruch Hashem it is easy to talk, shout, negate and condemn. Hashem should help you should never be tested and your temimos/luck should work for you, but these parents who you are booing have to live with their disabled children or unfortunately the memory of their children day in and day out. So, next time before you condemn someone, maybe think do I know all the facts or am I just following the DOH, CDC, and doctors blindly. Because, just remember they are not God and there is a reason they all have good fatality insurance plans. Everyone can make mistakes and malpractices.
    And in conclusion if you really are interested in studying and researching the matter, below you might find some interesting articles and facts that were proven about vaccines.

    1. Attached here are 20 vaccine fact that doctors are required to give you before vaccinating. Why they don’t give it to you- is clear. But next time you vaccinate ask them to see it.
    2. Here you can read why a pediatrician stopped vaccinating her children with the flu shot. https://bentonintegrative.blogspot.com/2017/10/why-this-doctor-doesnt-get-her-flu-shot.html
    3. Attached here is a must read! 12 practicing doctors who use to consider themselves “vaccine bullies” and at some point, or another came to the realization that something is very off and stopped vaccinate or pushing vaccines on their patients. https://www.bellybelly.com.au/health-lifestyle/doctors-speaking-out-about-vaccination/
    4. Attached here find an article printed by the Jewish Press in the year of 2013 by William Handler. He studied the topic of vaccines in depth. https://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/the-measles-scare-and-cdc-politics/2013/07/10/
    5. Google ingredients in vaccines. You may be shocked to find out some of the ingredients are pig fat, live aborted fetus cells and monkey tissues. That is without mentioning all the aluminum and metals…
    6. This may interest you as well https://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/graphs/
    7. Let me tell you an interesting fact about the polio vaccine and the disease. The first polio outbreak was in 1945. That’s when the government sprayed DDT (pesticide) in our environment. The vaccine has been invented 10 years later in 1955, by that time the government realized the damage the DDT spray was doing and stopped spraying it. Causing the cases of polio to dramatically drop. In other words by the time the vaccine was created polio was already being eradicated other ways.
    8. This is a real must watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnpT7lJlVxY
    Just as a by the way most people that honestly researched this topic in depth either because they were unsure what to do, or just as a hobby began seeing some falsehood and stopped vaccinating.

    And, hopefully when Moshiach comes we will all know clearly what the right thing to do is. In the meantime we should all follow our gut with our own children. Yet, whatever you do it should be well researched and not because, my friend/neighbor/doctor/DOH/ CDC said… We should all be able to proudly say THIS IS MY DECISION (whatever it is) BECAUSE I DID MY OWN RESEARCH!

    The main thing is that whatever you do you should have Syata Dshmaya and Hashem (not our doctors, CDC or DOH) should always keep Yidishe Kinderlach safe and sound.

        • The more the better to weaken your immunity against common colds and disease…. but at least while your getting it you feel good that you’re building up immunity against the anti-vaxxers. If that’s what’s important to you, go ahead…

  7. Here watch how Dr. S. Plotkin says clearly in a deposition under oath how he was involved in creating numerous vaccines. In order to create them he used 76 aborted HEALTHY fetus cells. He says that he takes issue with religious beliefs and goes on to say I quote, “Vaccination is always under attack by religious zealots that believe that the will off God includes death and disease.” He admits to being an atheist. This is mind boggling. We are putting our health in the hands of these people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NACBHtFMllA . Then in part II Attorney asks, “Isn’t it also the reason careful preclinical studies using inert placebo should be used before licensure?” Plotkin replies, “It would be ideal to do so, but one would have to would have to be very large studies and covering different age groups and by and large those data come out much later after EXPERIENCE in the vaccine use in thousands or millions of people.” Then basically, you’re helping them with the study by using your children as a guinea pig. They also talk about the autism relation. part II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj_jozfvjuU .

    Attached here watch Dr. Bob Sears explain how “scary” the measles is -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnpT7lJlVxY

    Here watch a study done by the CDC about the DTAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj_jozfvjuU


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