2019 Jewish Travel Guide to All 50 United States


The 2019 Kosher Travel Guide to 401 cities across the United States has just been published by Kashrus Magazine, in time for summer travel. This all-new Kosher Travel Guide includes 124 pages of detailed information about these cities with emphasis on just what the Jewish traveler needs. If you would like to include your city in next year???s Guide, contact Kashrus Magazine.

For each city, the Guide includes where to stay, where to dine, where to buy kosher food, where to find a synagogue (a mikvah, an eruv, etc.), and what to do in nearly every enclave of Jewry in this country. In addition, popular travel spots in neighboring towns, as well as contact people to help you with your stay, are provided. Many cities also offer Shabbos hospitality for travelers.

???This is the 26th year that we are producing an annual Travel Guide [the first one was in 1993]. This year we added information on 41 new cities which we had not covered before, great destinations across all 50 states,??? said Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of Kashrus Magazine. ???We work all year on this project. In fact, we???ve already begun gathering information for new cities for 2020, but we always verify the information in the spring so that travelers are prepared in advance.”

The bulk of the Travel Guide comes from our contacts living in each community, who help update the information about their city and neighboring ones. It???s amazing how many changes take place in the course of just one year.

The Guide is available from KashrusMagazine.com or from Amazon.com.

Bon voyage!


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