21 Kislev in Satmar


satmar-rovThe 66th annual 21st Kislev celebration of the miraculous Holocaust rescue of Rav Yoel Teitelbaum zt”l (1886-1979), founding Satmar Rebbe and author of Divrei Yoel, will be celebrated all over the world today.

On Thursday, December 4, 1944, the Satmar Rebbe was aboard a train that crossed the border into Switzerland to freedom. The salvation was made possible by Dr. Rudolf Kastner (1906-1957), who bribed the Nazis and thus saved 1,685 Jewish souls.

The anniversary is celebrated by chassidim throughout the world; the two present Satmar Rebbes, brothers Rav Aaron Teitelbaum and Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, conduct separate events, each with the simultaneous participation of as many as 20,000 people. Much effort is invested in securing a local facility large enough to accommodate the large attendance as well as all of its component preparations.

The followers of Rav Aaron Teitelbaum of Satmar  will be conducting their main 21st Kislev event at the Pulaski Port Complex, near the Pulaski Bridge, not far from Williamsburg. For the convenience of the many chassidim in Williamsburg, arrangements have been made for New York’s Water Taxi to ferry participants from the Schaefer Landing off Kent Avenue at South 10th Street directly into the Pulaski Port Complex. Ferries will be leaving every at frequent intervals; the ride will take approximately five minutes.

In addition to 21st Kislev celebration, the event will also celebrate the sheva berachos of Rav Aharon’s granddaughter, upon her marriage to Chaim Yaakov Rokeach, son of Rav Yoel Rokeach, Monsey Kozlover Rav. The kallah is the daughter of Rav Shimon Zev Meisels, rav of the Beirach Moshe district of Kiryas Yoel and author of Sefer Binyan Shimon.

The wedding took place Sunday evening. Public sheva berachos are as follows: Tuesday’s sheva berachos took place in the Kozoler Beis Medrash in Boro Park; Wednesday’s will be held at Beis Medrash Yismach Moshe in Monsey; Thursday’s in Beis Medrash Ohel Moshe in Monsey; Shabbos Vayeishev sheva berachos at Aperion Hall at 712 Bedford Avenue; Motzaei Shabbos sheva berachos will be incorporated into the 21 Kislev celebration; and Sunday’s sheva berachos will be conducted in the Main Satmar Beis Medrash in Kiryas Yoel by the students of the Satmar yeshiva there.

{Yossi Schneider/Machberes}


  1. Rudolf Kastner worked hand-in-hand with Adolf Eichmann YM”S to liquidate Hungarian Jewry to the gas chambers in Auscwitz. He kept secret the Vrba-Wetzler report he was aware of, that the Nazis were murdering the Jews in Aushwitz. 90+% of the train were his family and other zionist cronies. He needed to cloak that he was almost exclusively putting his family and friends on the escape train, he needed a few faces outside his circle.

    Recently the zionists published a book and movie trying to rehabilitate this rasha Kastner. The zionists now demand Kastner be thanked for the train rescue, when it was Adolf Eichmann who actually authorized and ordered the train. Perhaps next the zionists will demand we thank Kastner’s partner Eichmann, for he was the real one responsible for the rescue train? Both are equally murderers of 600,000 Hungarian Jews. Let us never forget Kastner’s treachery.

    Even AFTER the war was over and the Allies defeated the Nazi’s, Kastner testified and defended his Nazi’s friends who murdered Jews (i.e.Nazi Kurt Becher ym”s) to allow them to escape punishment and execution by the Nuremberg and other trials the Nazi’s were put on by the Allies!

  2. It is already well known that the satmerer rebbe was saved by his chasidim BSD’ and not by kastner or the zionist which did not even know in the begining that he is aboard

    and as far as thanking Kastner, its like thanking Haman for giving such a nice yom tov of Purim to the jews,

  3. #6 – Wow. I saw your post. You should learn some history. You’re just parroting the hilarious fairytales of the Zionists, and – LOL – that “sefer” you have there. Puh=lease get someone who knows how to read Hebrew write something instead. The Satmar Rebbe was a Gaon Hador. Some yeshiva guy in the coffee room’s “rebuttal” is not really going to be taken seriously. lol.


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