2,200 New Classrooms in Yerushalayim

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In response to a court appeal submitted by Yerushalayim’s Parent Association on behalf of Arab parents, the Yerushalayim municipality told the court that it has established a five year plan to build 2,200 classrooms at the cost of 2.2 billion shekels. As a start, the municipality is seeking a loan of 350 million shekels, which it hopes will be reimbursed by the government. East Yerushalayim and chareidi schools lack 2,000 classrooms and 1,600 classrooms respectively.

“This decision reflects the taking of responsibility for the wide gaps between the Arab and chareidi communities on one side and the rest,” said Deputy Mayor Ofer Berkovitch. “Even this step isn’t enough to solve the classroom shortage and it would be best if the state stepped in to help us meet the challenge.”

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