Keep Davening for My Mother


By Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz

It’s been almost a week since tragedy has struck our community and the world. We have buried our brother/son and our mother/wife is in grave, critical condition. I just want to show you how your prayers have literally been the reason why our mother is still alive.

Above is a picture from the scene of the accident. That hunk of metal used to be a Dodge Grand Caravan. There is only a dashboard left. The only reason our mother is still alive is because of your prayers and good deeds that you have done. Please continue to storm the gates of heaven for Tamar Adina bas Kaina Shulamis. That is the only way she has a chance to come home to the family that loves her.

People have been asking me how I have the ability to post on social media during these tremendously difficult times. It’s simple. This is a tragedy for my family, but it’s a communal tragedy. For whatever reason, G-d chose us to be the ones two carry the burden. We are 100% okay with it.

Everyone should look at themselves and ask themselves: What can I do to fix myself so that this doesn’t happen again?




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