24 Hours. 24 Speakers. 24 Elul. On the Chofetz Chaim’s Yahrtzeit, a Chance to Tip the Scales in a big way

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On the Chofetz Chaim’s Yahrtzeit (24 Elul), you have a unique opportunity to bring the merit of Shmiras Haloshon to advocate for your friends and family for a good, healthy, prosperous year. The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, dedicated to spreading the Chofetz Chaim’s teachings, is running a “Tip the Scale” Charidy Matching Campaign (charidy.com/cchf) aimed at raising $500,000 for its extensive, global network of programs to foster the mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro.

For the first time ever:  While donating, please be sure to include your name and that of your family to be prayed for by the kever of the Chofetz Chaim Zt”l on the day of his Yahrtzeit!  Deadline for submission of names for prayer is Motzei Shabbos at 1:00 AM – don’t miss out!

The Chofetz Chaim himself promised to intercede in Heaven on behalf of those who practice and  Shmiras Haloshon. As the new year begins and the page turns on a year fraught with unprecedented challenges, tapping into this promise is all the more vital to each individual, to Klal Yisrael and to the entire world, which is judged on Rosh Hashana.

The Tip the Scale campaign features a 24-hour Telethon presenting a stellar roster of 24 rabbonim  and dynamic speakers to ignite the listener’s passion for Shmiras Haloshon and thereby acquire all the blessing it brings. By taking the inspiration one step further and donating to the CCHF, participants will be supporting programs that effectively instill this mitzvah in Jews of all ages throughout the world.

By participating in the Tip the Scale campaign, you help the Chofetz Chaim’s vision of what Klal Yisrael should be – one of mutual respect, unity, compassion and dignity – to become a vivid reality for every Jew.  Be a part of this pre-Rosh Hashanah 24-hour opportunity.  Log onto charidy.com/cchf any time from now, to Sunday September 13 make your donation, and let the Chofetz Chaim advocate for you and your family.


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