Watch: Anti-Draft Protests on Rechov Bar Illan in Yerushalayim

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  1. It is a far cry from the big old hot demonstrations of previous generations

    This is more like a version of a midwinter street festival/ playoff tailgating

    Mordechai and Sam,
    Take it a little easy

  2. This government wants to destroy the Torah like the previous ones. By taking young 18 yo yeshiva boys into an army mixed with girls and toeiva mishcosim,you destroy the neshoma. Don’t tell me how there are seperate units for chareidim. It’s not so simple. There are chareidi soldiers in jail for refusing to shave their beards. Some are in prision for hurting Arab terrorists. This is a secular government with no respect for Torah.

  3. When the weather turns a little warmer, young horses like to run around. There seems to be no yoke of any kind on them, and that is the saddest part.
    Had they been really sitting and learning, they would not have had the time for this animalistic behavior.

  4. whatever u guys hear is all fake news there is no taking girs to the army, these are a bunch of boerd people that like action

  5. your readers should know that most bnei torah in yerushalayim are against this group. They disgrace the kavod of gedolim daily. yesterday, their leader himself said to stop. This group has posted death notices of the gedol hador Rav AYL. They are crazy. I guarntee you that if their financial support is cut off then they’ll stop. People are late for appointments, kolel, work, funerals, etc. They must stop. They bring all the problems on themselves. B”H all yeshiva students receive a dichui to allow to let them in yeshiva. One need only go to the office and sign his name. These guys somehow think that is assur. So them they make a “kiddush hashem” and protest. then they are arrested – which is what they want. then they protest getting arrested. they have no respect for daas torah. they are wild hooligans. This is the opinion of someone who has been in kolel for over 30 years! thsi is the opinion of most bnei torah.


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