Watch: More Footage of Peleg Anti-Draft Protests in Israel

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  1. They are fighting against a regime that wants destroy them and our Yiddishkeit. Everyone agrees to this.
    What the right way is, I don’t pretend to know. But there are gedolei olam who feel that this not the way, and there are gedolei olam who feel that this unfortunately needs to be done. I will not be brash and brazen enough to dare offer an opinion. I value and deeply respect all gedolei Torah.
    One thing though, Americans who support a strong-armed two husband approach will only serve to push me away from that side. Why shouldn’t they deal with the issues in their backyard first, and leave this to the gedolei olam in Eretz Yisroel? Why do they insist on presenting only one side, one view and one opinion?

    • the reason everybody tries to video it is because unfortunately there have been many occasions where the police hit people who were totally innocent and to prevent this they video every thing (they did the same in amona as well) this makes the police be afraid to go against the law. the police also have people on the sidelines videoing the protesters and sometimes they come out a week later and arrest someone who threw rocks at police.

    • i am sure you are aware that these people are not going to protest just because it is fun. they don’t do this every day. they are protesting because that is what there gedolim told them to do. whether or not we agree with them, there is no reason to call them “reshaaim” or “gehenom” – they are doing what they have to do.

  2. I can’t understand why the Chachomim at won’t allow the word SMARTPHONE to ever appear in their comment section. Apparently it is a very very dirty word and has a lifetime ban on this putrid website. I see your judgement matches the size of your pea brain. Idiots.

    • I see. The guy who wants to us that word also uses other dirty language like “pea brain” and “Idiots”. Maybe this is because where you grew up “smartphones” were the norm R”L

  3. Many gedolim have called off these destructive demos, which causes property & people damage, no entry to cars, buses & emergency vehicles.

    Takes 15 minutes to get an army exemption … just do it & get back to the shtender.


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