Video, Photos: Krias Megillah in Moscow, Russia, Purim 5777

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Photos by JDN:


  1. To fully appreciate this, you have to have been raised in the Soviet Union. Growing up, there was a complete destruction, with not even a hava amina of such rebirth and of such energy as in this video. Unfortunately, two or three decades ago, the American frum community was too busy taking advantage of the cheap-labor Yidish-speaking baby sitters and cleaning ladies, not exactly trying to welcome their brothers and sisters as brothers and sisters – that was a time when the Russian Jews were very open towards Yidishkeit and could have been persuaded relatively easily had they not been subjected to a snobby attitude of the self proclaimed “aristocrats”, hence the window of the mass tshuva opportunity was lost, as it takes ten times the effort to mekarev someone who has already fallen into a routine and apathy of the American life style. Anyway, despite some of our people’s best efforts, plenty of the Soviet Jews became frum. Mamish a neis.

    • Here’s a much better way of saying it:

      Most americans & canadians, while well meaning, perceived the incoming soviet bloc Jews in their economic poverty and their all consuming drive to get their children ahead materially, as benighted old world people and would talk to them with some condescension, rather than treating them as academic equals who grew up in deprived circumstances


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