Swedish EU Exit In The Works

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Peter Lundgren – a right-wing politician of the Sweden Democrats party who hailed Article 50 “a breath of fresh air” – says his homeland is next in line for its very own “Swexit”.

Speaking to The Express, Mr Lundgren said: “The British people have shown the rest of Europe it’s possible to leave.

“And we will also put it up to a referendum where people will have their say and then I’m hopeful that we also can follow Britain’s example.”

A YouGov poll has shown that 39% of Swedes wish to leave the EU, and an election is to be held in September.
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  1. I don’t believe it this must be trump propaganda after all who would want to leave the eu happy family of nations where they compassionately accept a bunch of peace loving muslims

  2. The Sweden Democrats (SD) is an extrem right-wing party with roots in neonazi groups. They try to pretend that they are just an ordinary right-wing party. But from time to time their neonazism comes up to the surface. Sweden banned shchita in the 1930s and now the SD wants to forbid even imports of kosher slaughtered meat. And they want to ban Brit Milah. Do we need such “friends”? And yes there will be elections to the parlament in September. In September 2018!

    AND the no-sayers to EU is on a record level, a BOTTOM LOW level now, in Sweden. The pro-EU side has been climbing all the time since Sweden joined the EU in 1995, and has accelarated since the Brexit referndum in the UK.


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