In Violation Of Halacha, Record Numbers Of Jews Ascend Har Habayis During Pesach 5777

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A record number of Jews — approximately 1,600 — visited the Har Habayis during Pesach this year, breaking last year’s record of 1,015 during the same time, according to non-profit organization Yirah.

Additionally, a record number of Jewish visits to the Har Habayis in a single day — 495 — also occurred during Pesach. That exceeded the previous record of 448 visits set during last year’s Sukkos festivities.

The highest number of Jewish visits to the Har Habayis was also set during Sukkot 2016, with 1,611 recorded visits to the site.

The Jordanian Islamic Waqf tightly controls access to the Har Habayis, Judaism’s holiest site, under an arrangement established following the 1967 Six-Day War, when Israel gained control of the area. Non-Muslim visitors are only allowed to ascend during very specific times during the week and the entrance may be closed without notice, even when scheduled to be open.

The status quo currently maintained at the sensitive hilltop compound forbids non-Muslim prayer and open demonstrations of worship.



  1. AGAINST WHICH HALACHA? did they go into the cheil or not? if not then they can just be toivel and it is muttar lchatchila

  2. As stated in the headline, the Rabbinical scholars, past and present, have prohibited entry to the Har HaBayis because we are Safek Tamei Meis and do not have a Parah Adumah to purify us.

    The leading Rabbanim have praised those who view and study models of the Mikdash. Architectural renderings of Bais HaMikdash III (the Jerusalem Temple of the Future) are at:

  3. Yingaleh! Your the only one who knows that a tamei me is can go up on har habayis? This is a debate raging for the last hundred years at least there are many factual inconsistencies as far as the placement of the chil and it’s at least a sfeika deoraysah to where you may go with a chiyuv kareis!!

  4. Halachah prevents us from setting foot on the Har HaBayis (Temple Mount). As proclaimed by over 50 Poskim (including HaRav Ovadia Yosef SHLIT”A)in an HoDaah VeAzhara document after the Six-Day War (in 1967) (last page)

    and many times previously by other Gedolim, Jews cannot set foot on our holiest place because — in the absence of a Parah Adumah (Red Cow) to purify us — we are all Safek Tmeiei Meis. Granted that there are a few dissenters, but nearly all the Rabbanim (including HaRav Elyashiv SHLIT”A, HaRav Kanievski SHLIT”A, the Rabbanim HaRashiim SHLIT”A, and numerous other Rabbanim) agree that this Safek coupled with the Safek regarding the Makom HaMikdash and the punishment of Kares (premature death) R”L have caused them to prohibit entry to the Har HaBayis.


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