Full Video Recap: Oorah Auction 2017


Oorah's annual "Oorahthon", streamed live this past Motzaei Shabbos on Oorahauction.org and on radio stations throughout the country was filled with exciting entertainment, joyous celebrations, and exclusive interviews lasting six hours straight!

The first hour was hosted by Fiveish himself with entertainment for kids, followed by an hour with exclusive interviews with members of the Oorah family, inspiration from Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss, and an interesting "Shark Tank" program - (Oorah's edition) in which the heads of Oorah's various programs got to debate each other over who's program will benefit from the money pledged by a donor.

In the third hour was the discussion that is on everyone's minds - "The Tuition Crisis" in which Rabbi Moshe bane, and Rabbi Yeruchim Silber gave their opinions on the hardships facing parents paying tuition and on the hardships that schools are facing today.

Following another "Shark Tank" segment and some more tuition talk, things begun heating up with donors taking advantage of their last chance to enter, followed by the final prize drawings in the sixth hour with live-on-air calls to the prize winners!


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