$27.5 Million School Protects Israeli Kids From Gazan Rockets

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sderot-schoolOn Monday, many students in Sderot started the school year safe from attack in a new, fortified, rocket-proof school building. The $27.5 million structure features concrete walls, reinforced windows and a unique architectural plan all designed specifically to absorb and deflect rocket fire.

Notices on the walls remind the 1,200 students that in case of a warning siren, they are to stay put. “You can finally teach without constantly worrying about what to do when there is a rocket attack,” said Zohar Nir-Levi, the principal of the junior high school inside the complex. “It used to be that even before you said hello in the morning you were telling people where to run.”

In the 12 years since rockets began raining down on Sderot, just kilometers from Gaza, eight people have been killed and hundreds wounded. The new school features concrete shelters in the school yard as well, to allow students on recess to find cover when they hear the siren. Read more at Times of Israel.

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