2nd Wave In Israel? 148 COVID-19 Patients Diagnosed In Last 24 Hours

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148 new coronavirus cases have been diagnosed over the last 24 hours, the Health Ministry announced Tuesday night. The death toll from the coronavirus stands at 299.

Earlier, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein warned that Israel could see more than 200 new cases a day due to the failure to abide by social distancing guidelines as the Israeli economy reopens.

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    • I live here and let me tell you. If I show any symptoms; I will swallow hydroxychloroquine and the whole pac right away. Just like my mother did who was at the threshold of the hospital entrance. Took it and literally recovered in 48 hours.

  1. Diagnosed with what? What symptoms did they have? a cut on the finger? headache? diarrhea? allergy reaction? panic attack? Have the Health Departments anywhere in the world figured out what coronavirus is or is it still anything and everything that people would go to the hospital/clinic/take medication for?

  2. Looks like they need another lockdown to clean out the new wave of Invisible Enemies coming up from their underground hiding.

  3. Please note that it is very normal there should be a slight spike when reopening. But noone is dying from this second wave. IN addition, as we’ve heard before they take any condition anyone has and search for his history with corona virus and mark it as that.


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