3 Babies Stabbed at NYC Day Care; Meat Cleaver Left at Scene


At least five people, including three infants, have been injured in a stabbing incident at a Queens overnight child-care facility, according to news reports early Friday, NBC News reports.

The exact ages of the victims are not yet clear, but one young girl is believed to be in serious condition. None of the injuries are currently believed to be life-threatening; local NBC News reports say the injured babies are two girls and one boy and that the attack was discovered at 3:45 a.m. The daycare is on 161st Street in Flushing. Videos posted on social media showed that the scene had been cordoned off by police. Cops confirmed a 52-year-old woman was found in the basement of the daycare center with her left wrist slashed—a wound that is believed to have been self-inflicted. She is in police custody at an area hospital. Read more at NBC New York.



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