Is It Possible That My Daughter Couldn’t Hear… & I Had No Idea?!

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Sosea was smiley, sociable, smart and a part of our happy brood, our fourth child out of five. 

But something was bothering me as I brought her to preschool at age two, and I let the teacher know that her language hadn’t developed, and she couldn’t talk.

A week before I was due with my fifth child, Sosea’s teacher called to share that she thinks Sosea has a hearing problem, as Sosea didn’t respond to her name!

I had thought that Sosea was simply mischievous when she ran into the street when we called her name. But now…

After extensive testing the results were clear.

Sosea was DEAF. She had been following my body movements to take direction, and could sense the vibrations of some words, and was therefore able to imitate them minimally.

Immediately upon her diagnosis we were told to do two things.

1. Get her cochlear implants

2. Register her at Strivright, a school for children with a host of auditory processing disorders. Time was of essence.

Upon entering Strivright/AOSNY, we were greeted by Pnina Bravmann, an incredible woman who began the school out of her own living room, when she discovered her daughter was deaf at age 5!

Today, Sosea is among 30,000 children who have benefited from Strivright’s schooling, making their futures possible.

STRIVRIGHT/AOSNY has launched a campaign to cover the shortfall of services experienced due to COVID.

These hearing impaired children have to work so hard to learn to hear and function, which is why I’ve termed them “Super Hearos”.
Please, help support these SUPER HEAROS, and ensure they have the best chance of functioning in society.

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