Reminder: Drivers Should Review License, Registration and Inspections Ahead of Summer’s Driving Season

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Drivers and vehicle owners are urged to review the status of their registration and inspection stickers to make sure they are not expired and that there are no outstanding tickets on their license.

Drivers need to be aware of this all year round, but now with the start of the summer, more drivers are on the road and therefore more likely to get pulled over either for infractions or simply due to checkpoints. As a result, Lasurim released a video with the following message as part of the Lasurim Crime Prevention and Awareness efforts:

“Some of the traffic laws that drivers might consider minor are quite serious. Driving drunk or reckless are obviously serious offenses but forgetting to carry a Driver’s license, driving with a suspended license invalid registration tags, or expired inspections are seemingly minor infractions that can turn into a legal nightmare like being arrested, losing driving privileges and being forced to pay summons and steep legal costs. To avoid these headaches,

1) Check periodically the expiration dates on your license, inspection and registration:

2) Don’t discard any official-looking mail from the State which can contain a reminder to you to renew your license or registration; and

3) If you’re not sure if a ticket was taken care of, you can check the status of your license at the DMV’s website.”

Ahead of the summer, Lasurim is also organizing more prison visits especially in the Upstate New York prisons. If you can visit an inmate in upstate or anywhere, please mail [email protected]. If you are willing to be a Pen Pal – exchange letters with an inmate – please also email the above address.

L’Asurim is a not-for profit organization that provides support for prisoners; helps prevent crime, and advocates for prison well-being and criminal justice reform. www.Lasurim.Org. 718-513-2525.



  1. too late for me.. anyone got a ticket and had to go to court for an expired license? i just got one, my license was expired for 5 days. what was your experience? what can i expect?

    • It’s all over. Your days are numbered. Big government are going to teach you a lesson you won’t easily forget. Try to arrange for Kosher food.


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