Video: Judge Ruchie Freier Visits Magen David Adom

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The first female frum judge in the United States, Ruchie Freier paid a visit to the headquarters of Magen David Adom in Eretz Yisroel.

Freier called her visit to the MDA’s offices an “inspiration” and thanked the volunteers who showed her around the headquarters of the emergency response organization.

“I thank the women of MDA for the inspiration I received during my visit and will be taking that back with me in my suitcase to New York.”


{ Israel}


  1. The entire justice system is broken and heavily unti-Jewish, and our community needs a dirty fighter on our side, not a first this or first that.

  2. Lots of comments from know-nothings who have no idea which rov she holds of and which posek she asks questions to. She’s done much good, unlike gossipers who could probably use a shiur or two on shmiras halashon.

  3. Not impressed in the least bit.
    The yiddish mommas who stays home with her children to give them true Torah Values, NOT the secular (anti Torah) ones, are the real heroes!

    If one rather goes to a secular court, that is considered a chillul Hashem. What if someone becomes part of the secular court, what is that?

  4. The batlonim here are jealous. Look what she has done with her life LeTovas Haklal and look in the mirror to see what you have done by sitting in your basement all night and “commenting.”


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