HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita Visits Aish World Center. Gives Bracha to Students and Rebbeim


HaGaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, visited the Aish World Center, Dan Family Building across from the Western Wall. The entrances of the Aish World Center were packed with people trying to get a glimpse of Rav Chaim. Rav Chaim entered the building through Aish’s Kotel Plaza ‘Hochstein Entrance’ and took the elevator up to the Aish World Center rooftop terrace, overlooking the Kotel and Temple Mount, to daven mincha. The roof of the Aish World Center has a breathtaking panoramic view of the Western Wall, Temple Mount, Mount of Olives and surrounding mountains.

After Mincha, Rav Chaim went downstairs to visit the students and Rebbeim at Yeshivas Aish HaTorah to wish them a bracha and hazlacha.

Aish HaTorah is a worldwide organization that empowers every Jew to discover their limitless potential through Torah wisdom in an inspirational, relevant and welcoming way, encouraging all Jews to find their unique role in the Jewish story.


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